i.safe MOBILE GmbH has established itself worldwide as a specialist in explosion proof and extremely resilient mobile communication devices and as an innovation leader. At i.safe MOBILE, we develop and market devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs etc. for safe use in hazardous areas and for robust use in industry and outdoors. Our devices are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum processing and other demanding branches of industry. Our many years of experience enable us to do this. We provide evidence of the high quality and safety of our products through approval procedures based on European and numerous global standards. The satisfaction of our customers is proof of the reliability and ease of use of our devices in practice day after day.


Since March 2023, i.safe MOBILE has been strategic partner and investor in the Austrian start-up Senseven GmbH. Senseven is the developer of a software and AI-based mobile inspection system for industrial assets.


We develop the products and solutions for communication in potentially explosive and professional industrial areas ourselves. This enables us to implement customer requirements precisely and incorporate all international standards into the development. We provide other companies with support as partners in the context of development consulting on explosion protection.  This contributes to the constant growth of our wealth of experience.

Our practical and theoretical know-how is also in demand among the relevant standardization bodies that we belong to. This cooperation guarantees that we are always up to speed with the legal regulations. It goes without saying that our products meet all the relevant safety and quality requirements.

Our contribution to sustainability, which we make through the longevity of our products, is important to us. We achieve this through the high resistance of the devices to mechanical, thermal and chemical loads, as well as customer-specific and long-term service and detailed maintenance plans.

Users around the world use our high-quality communication technology with the certainty of being up to date with the latest technology.

Our management

Managing Directors of i.safe MOBILE

Dirk Amann (CTO) , Martin Haaf (CEO), Ludwig Fleckenstein (CFO)



14. September 2011

The beginning

Foundation of i.safe MOBILE GmbH based in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany.

December 2011

Market launch of first zone 2/22 devices

i.safe MOBILE introduces its first 2G pushbutton phones for Ex-protection zone 2/22 - the CHALLENGER 1.0 and the GUARDIAN 1.0.

February 2012

Participation at the Mobile World Congress

For the first time, i.safe MOBILE is presenting its products at Europe's largest mobile communications trade fair, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), in Barcelona.

MWC logo

June 2012

First participation at ACHEMA

By participating in ACHEMA, i.safe MOBILE is presenting its products for the first time to the world's largest audience in the process industry for chemical engineering, process technology and biotechnology.

October 2012

Product launch of 3G mobile phone

With the ADVANTAGE 1.0, i.safe MOBILE offers its first 3G mobile phone for use in zone 1/21.

July 2014

Opening service centre

With opening the new service centre in the Czech Republic for the European region, i.safe MOBILE is further expanding its customer service.

July 2014

Worldwide first Zone 1/21 Smartphone

i.safe MOBILE continues to expand its innovation leadership with the development of INNOVATION 1.0, the world's first smartphone for zone 1/21.

November 2014

First certification

With the INNOVATION 2.0, the first i.safe MOBILE smartphone is certified according to the ATEX directive as well as IECEx.

May 2015

Tablet for Zone 2/22

i.safe MOBILE is expanding its product portfolio to support digitization in companies by the X.TAB1.0 for Zone 2/22.

January 2018

Product launch of 4G smartphone

With the IS520.1, i.safe MOBILE presents its first Zone1/21 smartphone of the 4th digital generation (4G) for fast, mobile data transmission.


February 2018

Winner of the German Design Award

With the IS320.1, i.safe MOBILE receives the "Winner" award at the German Design Award 2018 in the category Excellent Product Design, area Computer and Communication.

German Design Award 2018 logo

March 2018

Global invention of the HMT-1Z1

i.safe MOBILE develops and certifies the world's first head-mounted tablet HMT-1Z1, which can be operated intuitively and hands-free by voice control.

HTM-1Z1 i.safe MOBILE

November 2018

Service centre South America

With a new service centre in the USA for the South America region, i.safe MOBILE customers now have a contact person directly in the area.

March 2019

Red Dot Award

The i.safe MOBILE tablet series IS910.1 and IS910.2 is awarded the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design.

Red Dot Award 2019 logo

May 2019

Mobile phone and tablet for use in mining

With the IS520.M1 and the IS910.M1, i.safe MOBILE supplements its portfolio with products in the M1 category, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in underground mining.

July 2020

Singapore branch

With the founding of the subsidiary i.safe MOBILE SEA Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, i.safe MOBILE is further establishing itself on the world market and thus underlining the importance of the regions Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

April 2021

New handheld barcode scanner

The IS-TH1 is the first handheld barcode scanner for use in hazardous areas as well as industrial environments in the non-hazardous area. Together with the IS530.1 smartphone, it is a multifunctional mobile device.

IS_TH1xx.x IS530.1

November 2022

Worlds first 5G smartphone for explosion hazardous areas

i.safe MOBILE launches the world's first 5G smartphone IS540.1 for ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21.

5G Smartphone ATEX | IECEx Zone 1/21 IS540.1 i.safe MOBILE

March 2023

Strategic partnership with Senseven

Since March 2023, i.safe MOBILE has been strategic partner and investor in the Austrian start-up Senseven. Senseven is the developer of a software and AI-based mobile inspection system for industrial assets.

Partnerlogo i.safe MOBILE und Senseven

May 2023

Red Dot Award for IS540.x

The 5G smartphone IS540.x wins the Red Dot Award 2023 in the Product Design category.

IS540.x Red Dot Award

June 2023

Company expansion

i.safe MOBILE expands its headquarters at i_Park Tauberfranken and doubles its previous size.

August 2023

Android™ Enterprise Silver Partner

i.safe MOBILE has achieved partner status in the Android Enterprise Partner Programme initiated by Google.

Android™ Enterprise Silver Partner


September 2023

To ensure the continuous improvement of our products and services, we have now also been successfully certified according to the international environmental management standard, DIN EN ISO 14001, in the course of the DIN EN ISO 9001 recertification.

November 2023

5G Android™ and Windows Tablet

i.safe MOBILE announces 5G Android™ and Windows tablet for Zone 1/21 with charging option in hazardous areas


November 2023

5G radio IS440.1

Integrated into the digitisation process, the IS440.1 enables the switch from analogue PMR to Push-to-Talk over Cellular

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