Warranty extension and service contract


i.safe MOBILE devices are among the most reliable on the market worldwide. However, even the best products need adjustments or repairs after some time for optimum performance. With our comprehensive warranty and service offer, you can protect yourself against additional service costs and receive years of safety and protection directly from the manufacturer. From the very first day, your equipment is protected against accidental damage and normal wear and tear. This reduces your total cost of ownership and benefit from the precision and functionality of our equipment for a long time.


1. Warranty extension

Instead of the general, statutory warranty of 24 months, with the warranty extension we offer you comprehensive protection of your equipment for 36 months, which goes beyond the legally prescribed period.


2. Service contract

In addition to the general i.safe MOBILE warranty, we offer you extended protection for your i.safe MOBILE devices with our service contract. You receive a guaranteed repair time of 5 days instead of 10 days and therefore have shorter downtimes. The fees for service, replacement and spare parts (except for accessories such as batteries, SD cards, etc.) for normal wear and tear are included.

How to obtain the warranty extension and the service contract?

If you would like a warranty extension or would like to conclude a service contract, add the respective option as a separate line in your order. You can also order both separately up to 45 days after the product has been shipped. You can also choose this option at a later date by ordering the service contract separately from your source of supply.


i.safe MOBILE warranty extension and service contract
Warranty extension i.safe MOBILE
Warranty extension
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