The first mobile and smart inspection system for leakage detection in valves for hazardous areas

Leaking valves in industrial plants can not only lead to loss, safety risks and possible contamination and pollution, but also result in high economic costs. Therefore, valves require regular proper inspection and preventive maintenance to ensure their functionality.

The software and AI-controlled mobile inspection system from MOBILE and its strategic partner Senseven bases on the established method for acoustic emission and combines it with new, digital features. Thus, high-quality acoustic emission sensors are connected with the 5G smartphone IS540.1 and a specially developed app. In case a valve is leaking, energy is released emitting acoustic signals in the high frequency range. These waves are detected by the acoustic emission sensor and the signals are sent to the IS540.1 smartphone for processing. Sensevens’s app developed for leak detection in valves supports the user so that inspection processes can be realized in the ongoing production process without any expert knowledge. Time-consuming training of employees performing the inspections and production downtimes are avoided thanks to an easy and user-friendly handling of the app. Algorithms and artificial intelligence automatically evaluate the sensor signals and provide immediate results. 

Regular in-house maintenance with Valve Sense ensures that valves only have to be replaced if they are really leaking, and functioning valves can be continued to be used. Testing is performed during the ongoing production process – without having to test the functionality of the valve on an external test bench. This avoids production standstills and ensures considerable cost and time savings at the same time.  

The measured data is automatically stored in a cloud-based platform – the back office -  to use it for further analysis and reporting. There is no internet connection necessary during inspection. Automatic data synchronization takes place as soon as the smartphone receives a signal. The back office thus becomes a central location where maintenance personnel can get an overview of all critical valves and identify needs for action.


  • Easy, software-controlled operation
  • No expert knowledge necessary
  • No interruption of the production process
  • Automatic leak detection
  • Cloud-based infrastructure

How does it work



Identify the valve

1. Identify the valve

Scan the RFID tag, QR code or enter the serial number of the valve using the input screen.


Detect acoustic emission signals with Valve Sense

2. Detect acoustic emission signals

You are easily guided through the process using the software. Step by step, you see where to perform the measurement:
In front of – Directly on – After the valve

Display the results

3. Display the results

Thanks to acoustic emission signals, algorithms detect automatically whether a valve is leaking or not.


Automatic creation of reports with Valve Sense

4. Automatic creation of reports

In the back office, data is automatically synchronized to derive maintenance measures on the basis of individual reports.


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