i.safe MOBILE supports regional initiatives with Christmas donation

i.safe MOBILE supports regional initiatives with Christmas donation
(from left to right): Martin Haaf (CEO i.safe MOBILE), Ludwig Fleckenstein (CFO i.safe MOBILE), Sylvia Schmid (Secretary of the Association “Frauen helfen Frauen”), Gayle Lüedtke-Beemer (President of the Association “Frauen helfen Frauen“), Roswitha Lesch (Vice-President of the Association “Frauen helfen Frauen“), Heidrun Leiss-Schott (President “Tierschutzverein Bad Mergentheim“), Dirk Amann (CTO i.safe MOBILE)

As in previous years, i.safe MOBILE supports two initiatives from the region with an annual Christmas donation of a total of 5,000 euros.

The innovation and world market leader for explosion-protected mobile devices and solutions from Lauda-Koenigshofen (Germany) hands over a cheque of 2,500 euros each to Förderverein für das Frauen- und Kinderschutzhaus e.V. (association supporting women and children) and Tierschutzverein Bad Mergentheim und Umgebung e. V.(animal welfare association).


The annual Christmas donation is integral part of i.safe MOBILE’s Corporate Social Responsibility concept. This year, the company consulted its employees in advance and involved them in the decision as to which recipients the donation should go to. In the end, two regional associations were selected. During a solemn ceremony at the company’s headquarters, the cheques with 2,500 euros each were handed over from the management of i.safe MOBILE to the representatives of the associations.

Firstly, the team from the Main-Tauber district support association of “Frauen und Kinderschutzhaus e. V.” presented its work. The voluntary association supports the women’s and children’s refuge jointly run by the Main-Tauber and Neckar-Odenwald districts, both ideally and financially. The centre for initial consultation "Frauen helfen Frauen" in the Main-Tauber district is the official intervention centre in the district following a referral for domestic violence. Affected women can get advice and support here and are accompanied free of charge, confidentially and anonymously in their difficult situation. “We are very happy about the donation from i.safe MOBILE. It directly support our advice centre in Lauda and thus women in acute emergency situations,“ says Sandra Klingert, head of the advice centre.

The second donation recipient, the association for animal protection “Tierschutzverein Bad Mergentheim und Umgebung e. V.“ is an important contact point for abandoned, dumped or wild-born small animals within nine affiliated lost and found communities. The animals do not only get medical care, species-appropriate accommodation and attention at the animal shelter, but the team also actively endeavours to find a new home for the animals. As the old building of the animal shelter can no longer be used, the construction of a new building could be started in November. However, the upcoming construction project still needs some external financial support. Therefore, Heidrun Leiss-Schott, the president of the association, is particularly excited about the donation of i.safe MOBILE: “As there are enormous costs for the necessary new building and the animal shelter has to bear very high veterinary costs every year, we are very happy that i.safe MOBILE supports us with the Christmas donation.


Martin Haaf, CEO of i.safe MOBILE, is impressed by both initiatives and mentioned when handing over the donations cheques: „We are delighted to be able to pass on a part of our success we could enjoy this year to these two regional associations as part of our Christmas donation and thus support their important work.