IP Code

What is an IP Code?

The IP code is a device protection class that is also applied for the communication devices from i.safe MOBILE. This protection class indicates the suitability of electrical equipment for various environmental conditions, as well as the protection of people against potential hazards when using them.

"IP" means "International Protection". The IP protection classes and IP Codes show how well a product is protected against the ingress of foreign bodies (first digit after IP) and against the harmful ingress of moisture or water (second digit after IP).

Most of the i.safe MOBILE devices are IP68 certified. They are dust-proof, as indicated by the number 6. The number 8 means that the devices are protected against continuous immersion in water.

The classification of the IP Codes is published by the "International Electrotechnical Commission" (IEC).

It may happen that one of the two code numbers cannot or does not have to be specified. In this case, the number is replaced by the letter "X" (e.g. IP6X).

Protection against foreign bodies (e.g. number 6 in IP68)

Number Protection definition - protected
0 no protection
1 against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 50 mm)
2 against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 12.5 mm)
3 against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 2.5 mm)
4 against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 1.0 mm)
5 dust-protected
6 dust-proof

Protection against water (e.g. number 8 in IP68)

Number Protection definition - protected
0 no protection
1 Protection against vertically dripping water
2 Protection against dripping water when the housing is inclined up to 15°
3 Protection against falling spray water up to 60° from the vertical
4 Protection against splashing water on all sides
5 Protection against water jets (nozzle) from any angle
6 Protection against strong water jets
7 Protection against temporary submersion (30 minutes at a water depth of 1 meter)
8 Protection against continuous immersion (water depth is determined by the manufacturer)
9 Protection against water during high pressure/steam jet cleaning


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