i.safe MOBILE receives "Global Market Leader" award

from left to right: von links nach rechts: Dr. Andreas Schumm; Ursula Mühleck; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhart MdL; Ludwig Fleckenstein; Martin Haaf; Dirk Amann; Christoph Schauder; Dr. Lukas Braun

i.safe MOBILE GmbH has been awarded the title of " Global Market Leader" in the category of "Explosion-proof mobile communication devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets)".

The title was presented by the information network DDW/Die Deutsche Wirtschaft as a newcomer in 639th place with a scoring index of 98.4 points. At a festive ceremony in Lauda-Koenigshofen, the award was presented to political representatives in the presence of i.safe MOBILE's management and executive team. In December, i.safe MOBILE will also be included in the ranking of medium-sized companies 10,000 at position 1200.

The German company i.safe MOBILE thus joins the ranks of 1,486 global market leaders from Germany. In total, they represent an annual turnover of 2.51 trillion euros and stand for 8.9 million jobs worldwide.

"For us as a relatively young company (founded in 2011), it is a special honor to have already been selected as one of the global market leaders. Here at the company and development headquarters in Lauda-Koenigshofen, we will continue to focus on innovation and global expansion in the future. By presenting the world's first 5G smartphone for potentially explosive industrial areas, we have just brought another groundbreaking innovation to the market. Our global customers and partners consider us a visionary and reliable partner for future technology trends in the ex-area," said Martin Haaf, CEO of i.safe MOBILE at the event.

In recent years, the company has placed a strong emphasis on global activities with the establishment of subsidiaries (Singapore) and the acquisition of important worldwide sales and service partners. i.safe MOBILE is represented worldwide in all regions. Another important pillar is worldwide trade fair appearances and a strong sales and communication structure.

DDW/Die Deutsche Wirtschaft has set itself up as an information network in the specific field of owners, managing directors, board members and executives of the 100,000 largest companies in Germany, thus connecting the decisive market players in the German economy.

The DDW company rankings use 31 criteria to determine the importance and thus the ranking position of a company based on a scoring index. In addition to turnover and number of employees, these include key figures such as R&D share, certifications, training opportunities or university cooperations.