IS540.x is now part of Android™ Enterprise Recommended Program

IS540.1 front image with Android Enterprise Recommended Badge MOBILE, innovation and global market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions announced IS540.x is now validated by Google as an Android Enterprise Recommended ruggedized device.

The AER certification is important for business applications. The 5G industry smartphone IS540.x for safe use in hazardous areas is immediately available from stock. MOBILE now offers customers the latest model of the product range with AER verification for the highest safety, integration and service requirements designed for explosion hazardous areas in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum processing and process-oriented industries, in addition to existing certified smartphones and tablets. Devices with AER certification are thoroughly tested and qualified by Google and can be quickly deployed through various provisioning methods such as QR code or zero touch and are also suited for maintenance applications in the IIoT environment.


About Android Enterprise Recommended

With the Android Enterprise Recommended Program, Google provides companies with a solution directory of verified mobile devices and solutions for the highest functionality and safety requirements in industrial use, also in particular for use in hazardous areas. The devices can be quickly integrated into the digital structure and managed through standardized provisioning methods, even with bulk enrolment. Android Enterprise Recommended devices and services provide timely security updates and guarantee major release upgrades to keep devices secure and up-to-date for a longer lifecycle.


With AER certification for rugged devices, MOBILE certified devices receive:
  • Guaranteed 90-day security updates
  • Security updates for at least five years after sales launch
  • At least one OS upgrade


With the special construction for the use in hazardous areas and the associated extreme external conditions as well as the harsh working atmosphere, the IS540.x exceeds the high rugged specifications of the AER certification in many respects.

Due to the worldwide different Ex-certifications of the 5G smartphone IS540.x, it is especially designed for the requirements in the industrial sector. With the IS540.x, companies can digitize their production processes even further and fully exploit the most demanding applications such as remote maintenance, IIOT and Augmented Reality now also in the sensitive Ex zones. The smartphone with a clear 6-inch full HD display supports a wide range of frequency bands. Many complementary tasks become easier as information is available faster and data transfer rates are higher thanks to the connection to the 5G mobile phone standard. The industrial smartphone is equipped with a high-end chipset and offers the highest image quality through the 48 MP main camera. The 16-pin ISM interface enables a secure connection for approved accessories.


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