Ground-breaking ceremony for company expansion

Ground-breaking cemenoy for company expansion Persons MOBILE expands its headquarters in the i-Park Tauberfranken and doubles the existing floor space

Investing in the future: Ground-breaking ceremony for company expansion at MOBILE's headquarters in Lauda-Koenigshofen

Together with official representatives and the company's management team, the CEO of MOBILE, Martin Haaf, symbolically broke ground for the extensive extension building. This was the starting signal for the construction measures, which are projected to take two years. Founded in 2011, MOBILE has already become world market leader in the field of mobile communication devices for safe use in potentially hazardous environments after just over 10 years and a popular and globally expanding employer in the sector. The investment volume for the company expansion is around five million euros. The new building doubles the building area to about 3,600 square metres. The aim of the expansion is to optimize process efficiency by dividing and redesigning the various company areas and to provide flexible opportunities for employee growth with a focus on attractive working conditions in a modern and innovative working environment.

"The extension building is a trend-setting investment in the future. We have already made a clear commitment to the Lauda-Koenigshofen location with the purchase of the land and building in 2021, as a globally operating company with solid roots in the Tauberfranken region. i_Park Tauberfranken GmbH and the town of Lauda-Koenigshofen have supported us very well in all matters," says CEO Martin Haaf. "From the beginning, our company and the number of employees has grown steadily - to currently around 80 employees. Since we have reached our spatial capacity limits in the meantime, an expansion is unavoidable. In addition, we are planning to expand our product portfolio and open new markets, which will create even more new jobs.

Schreiner Architects drew up the plans for the project and, therefore, the Schreiner team is supervising all phases of construction. For the various trades, it is planned to work predominantly with regional companies. An employee survey was conducted in advance to find out the wishes and needs of the employees and included them in the planning. The concept covers the optimisation of the goods flow and production, the goods inspection as well as the warehouse and logistics area. The construction project will also create office workplaces adapted to the most modern requirements for team-oriented work, as well as recreation, rest and meeting areas. An open space with flexible workplaces for project groups will also be integrated.

The two-year construction project is divided into three construction phases:

1st stage: extension of the logistics area with warehouse and production facilities
2nd stage: Access building/office tower
3rd stage: Building extension 3rd floor

Sustainable building: Investment in the future

The extension building is a sustainable investment in the future of MOBILE and also strengthens the Lauda-Koenigshofen business location. MOBILE deliberately decided to continue using the existing building and not to build a completely new one, to seal as little open and green space as possible on the former military base. As part of the new construction, a photovoltaic system will be installed to ensure as self-sufficient a power supply as possible. Extensive green roofs will make an important contribution to climate protection and species conservation, as well as to energy saving. Large window surfaces also store heat in winter. Thanks to modern sun protection, there is no need for energy-intensive air conditioning in summer.

The team of architects and the client, MOBILE, have opted for the use of sustainable building materials; environmentally friendly as well as renewable raw materials are used, such as the installation of board stack ceilings. The use of this renewable raw material is ecological and sustainable. There will be e-car and e-bike charging stations for employees on the premises.

In addition to the management and employees of MOBILE GmbH, Dr. Lukas Braun (Mayor of Lauda-Koenigshofen), Wolfgang Albert (Deputy Chairman of Sparkasse Tauberfranken), Armin Kordmann (Managing Director of i_Park Tauberfranken GmbH) were invited as guests at the groundbreaking event. In addition to the responsible team of architects (Klaus Schreiner, Rico Störmer, Magdalena Diehm), Herbert Bethäuser, Norbert Groß and Sebastian Groß from Faul + Bethäuser were on site.