Ex-protected thermal imaging camera IS-TC1A.1 for predictive maintenance in hazardous areas

The explosion-proof thermal imaging camera IS-TC1A.1, based on Seek Thermal technology, enables industrial users in hazardous areas to monitor industrial and maintenance processes and identify sources of danger at an early stage.

The set, consisting of the Android Enterprise Recommended Smartphone IS530.1 and the thermal imaging camera in ergonomic design, offers the flexible possibility of variable measurements in the range of -40° to +330°C and immediate further processing as well as documentation. Target industries include the oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, energy suppliers and public utilities.


Flexible handling and variable application options

In chemical, processing and petrochemical industries, thermal monitoring plays a very important role, especially in plant safety and maintenance tasks. Thermal imaging technology is used here, for example, to check electrical and mechanical components (shafts, bearings, motors), transformers, to indicate the level of process fluids and to quickly detect leaks. The aim of predictive maintenance is to avoid unplanned machine downtime, ensure process reliability and reduce energy costs. Even in extremely heat-intensive work areas, continuous on-site measurements and documentation of thermal anomalies of mechanical plant components or electrical systems can be detected at an early stage, inspections can be carried out during operation, potential sources of danger can be eliminated and expensive plant shutdowns can be avoided. Employees and teams working in high temperature areas with strong protective equipment can be monitored through regular non-contact temperature control, thereby minimising health risks.


Set for capturing, processing and analysing thermal images

The IS-TC1A.1 is quickly and easily attached to the IS530.1 smartphone and securely connected through the 13-pin, multifunctional ISM interface. Via the Seek Thermal app (free download in the Google Play Store), thermal images can now be captured in seconds and processed further on the smartphone. For better overview (avoiding confusion) and documentation, the thermal image can be overlaid with the visual image taken with the camera of the IS530.1. The temperatures in the thermal image are displayed as usual in dark blue and violet for cooler regions, light yellow to red for warmer areas. A thermal image video/zoom function is also possible through the Seek app.  The 190 g lightweight camera does not need to be charged separately, but is powered by the smartphone. The sensitive 200x150 (30000 pixels) thermal sensor has a 35° horizontal and 26° vertical field of view, a typical sensor sensitivity of 65 mK, a detection range up to 300 m, recognition range up to 75 m and identification range up to 25 m.

The IS530.1 is Android Enterprise Recommended and scores with regular security updates, support or seamless management capabilities and highest audio quality (dual microphone incl. noise cancelling, 105 db speaker). The smartphone enables OTA updates, offers double security through seamless A/B updates and the contactless, company-wide full configuration and control of all enterprise devices through Zero Touch. 

"We are pleased to extend our product range through constant innovation. With our new thermal imaging camera for hazardous areas, we are responding to the wishes of our customers and offering a practical set consisting of a thermal imaging camera and our successful smartphone model IS530.1," says Benedikt Eckert, Business Development Manager of i.safe MOBILE.