DELIVERY WITH ANDROID 10 MOBILE devices delivery with Android 10
Android 10 MOBILE device

The MOBILE series IS330x, IS530.x, IS655.x and IS930.x will be delivered with Android 10 from September 2021.

From this date, the Android Enterprise Recommended-certified smartphones and tablets can no longer be downgraded to Android 9.

Version 10 of Google's Android operating system offers MOBILE customers several advantages: In addition to the standard performance and security improvements, as well as a contemporary adaptation of the user interface, the mobile operating system also supports the latest and most popular mobile device management (MDM) tools. MDMs enable the central management of mobile devices, allow devices to be integrated into mobile corporate networks and protect the data and applications stored on them, as well as distribute, install and configure updates and patches.

"With Android 10, we can offer our customers even more security and performance for their MOBILE devices and the MDM tools they use," says Martin Haaf, CEO of MOBILE.