Continued expansion MOBILE at Senseven in Vienna (Austria)
f.l.t.r.: Christoph Altmann (CTO and Co-Founder Senseven), Anna Grausgruber (CGO and Co-Founder Senseven), Martin Haaf (CEO MOBILE), Michael Hettegger (CEO and Co-Founder Senseven) MOBILE invests a seven-digit figure in the start-up company Senseven as part of a strategic alliance. MOBILE continues to drive the area of technology and innovation and participates as a strategic partner and investor with a seven-digit amount in the Austrian startup Senseven. Senseven is the developer of a software and AI-based mobile inspection system for industrial assets and was founded in Vienna in 2021 by the two engineers Michael Hettegger and Christoph Altmann. In 2022, Anna Maria Grausgruber joined the management team for business management. With the technology partnership, MOBILE is intensifying its expansion course and, with the topic of artificial intelligence , is focusing on a promising trend that supports companies in transforming their business models in order to save time and costs, focus on sustainability and remain globally competitive. Both companies are targeting customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas processing and other demanding industries in the ex-sector.


Software and artificial intelligence as innovation drivers

With its investment in Senseven, MOBILE, as a globally established manufacturer in the field of explosion protection, is focusing on the integration of new, promising software solutions with AI technology. The partnership offers MOBILE access to the latest and most forward-looking innovations and, by expanding its range of products and services, also opens up great potential for innovation and growth outside MOBILE's existing field of business.  The topic of artificial intelligence, especially in the automation and maintenance area, will continue to play an important role in the industrial sector to make processes more efficient and environmentally friendly, save costs and strengthen the resilience of companies in the long term.

"Senseven convinced us immediately with their innovative approach. The partnership creates extensive opportunities for us and our customers. Together with Senseven, we are addressing inspection software and AI to develop solutions and implement them with our products. Our common goal is to enable our customers to increase productivity and reduce inspection costs. We are excited about this first step into a long-term cooperation," comments Martin Haaf, CEO of MOBILE.

"We are pleased that we were able to win MOBILE as a strategic investor. After the first successful product launch in 2022, the partnership is an important milestone for us. It opens the possibility of expanding the application into other industries and allows our customers to use the inspection software safely in potentially hazardous areas," says Michael Hettegger, CEO and Co-Founder of Senseven.