"AT&T Network ready" certification for IS540.1 and IS540.2

AT&T IS540.1 / IS540.2

IS540.1 / IS540.2 (AT&T certified device M540A01) of i.safe MOBILE receive “AT&T Network Ready” certification for the US market

Innovation and world market leader i.safe MOBILE announced that the 5G smartphones IS540.1 / IS540.2 (AT&T certified device M540A01) had been certified as “AT&T Network Ready device” in the IoT section.

With network approval from AT&T, one of the largest LTE/5G networks in the US, i.safe MOBILE can now offer its innovative mobile devices IS540.1/IS540.2 (AT&T certified device M540A01) US nationwide for use in hazardous industry areas.

Class I, II and III Division 1 smartphone IS540.1 and smartphone IS540.2 (AT&T certified device M540A01) for Class I, II and III Division 2, with certification for AT&T's nationwide cellular network, provide US customers a high-performance mobile device solution for hazardous areas that focuses on the safety and productivity of connected workers.

Dirk Amann, CTO of i.safe MOBILE comments: “We are proud to underline our position as global innovation and market leader with the “AT&T Network Ready” certification of our 5G smartphones IS540.1 and IS540.2 (AT&T certified device M540A01) as the first smartphone for use in hazardous zones Class I, II, III Division 1 and Class I, II and III Division 2. With this important milestone, we will continue to expand the US market.”