5G Android™ and Windows tablet with charging option for hazardous areas

5G Android and Windows Tablet for Zone 1/21

i.safe MOBILE announces 5G Android and Windows tablet for Zone 1/21 with charging option for hazardous areas. For the first time, the 10.1 inch tablet IS940.1 / IS945.1 will be presented to the trade at the SPS trade fair.

i.safe MOBILE, innovation and world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions, will be presenting its latest tablet developments to the trade public at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg from November 14th to 16th 2023: In addition to the Android based IS940.1, the company has also developed a Windows tablet IS945.1 as a debut. The first 5G tablet for Zone 1/21, together with the 5G smartphone IS540.1, is the ideal addition to the equipment programme for knowledge workers in the field of predictive maintenance management in the process industry.

With two alternative operating systems (Android and Windows), the user has a tablet for data communication in the Zone 1/21 hazardous area that can be ideally integrated into the existing system landscape and infrastructure with 4G/5G campus networks or Wi-Fi 6. The two energy-efficient tablet versions are equipped with the powerful QCM6490 chipset from Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc. optimised for IIoT, a clear 10.1-inch full HD display and a 16-pin ISM interface for secure connection of approved accessories. The world's first charging option for devices within the hazardous area offers the user a wide range of deployment options. Despite its robust design, the tablet is very light and easy to handle, supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and has customisable buttons. The feature package is rounded off by a powerful, replaceable battery, a main and front camera.


Innovation potential of 5G technology

The 5G standard offers great potential in hazardous industrial sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum processing and process industries: it enables the secure integration and consolidation of complex workflows and the networking of employees, machines and processes. Maintenance tasks, remote monitoring and the evaluation of process data in industrial environments require fast data transmission and processing. In the 5G network, these can be transmitted many times faster than was previously possible in 4G networks. The i.safe MOBILE 5G product portfolio fits perfectly into the digital processes of the production structure within the 5G campus networks and has been developed for remote assistance, augmented reality, remote training and mobile machine data visualisation in explosion hazardous Zone 1/21.

The high available bandwidth in the 5G network enables data transmission with the lowest latency, which is particularly helpful for remote maintenance tasks or audits.


A world first, which i.safe MOBILE is presenting for the first time at the SPS trade fair, is the charging option for tablets in hazardous areas. For example, a connection to the Ethernet network can be realised via a special interface. In the automation sector, the tablet is charged in the Ex-safe docking station directly within Zone 1/21 but can also be used as an operating station for process control systems or for MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). This provides the user with almost unlimited application options for potentially explosive environments.


The IS940.1 will be available from mid-2024.

The IS945.1 will be available in two versions:
Wi-Fi 6 only from mid-2024
4G/5G with Wi-Fi 6 from Q4 2024


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