i.safe MOBILE and ICS Group establish partnership

i.safe MOBILE and the supply chain digitaliser ICS Group, are now bundling their know-how in order to ensure efficient mobile data management for customers across all sectors.

In the supply chain, there are many potentially explosive areas  where flammable substances, oxygen and ignition sources come together, creating an explosive atmosphere. Explosion hazards exist not only in the supply chain of the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or mining industries, but can also occur in sensitive work areas in many other sectors of the economy. In hazardous areas, explosion protection is of central importance for technical safety. An important aspect here is the use of explosion-protected mobile communication devices.

i.safe MOBILE offers mobile phones, smartphones and tablets for a variety of requirements in the different hazardous areas. The devices, which are used worldwide, comply with national/international standards and have, among others, ATEX certification as well as approval according to IECEX, CSA and EAC. For various Ex-zones, i.safe MOBILE devices ensure safe communication in potentially explosive environments where explosive atmospheres consisting of air and flammable substances in the form of gases, vapours, mists or dusts may occur. In addition, i.safe MOBILE develops device series for the non-Ex area and thus offers users a universal hardware concept for mobile communication.

Both partner companies will benefit from the cooperation in order to serve growing, specific customer requirements. The newly established partnership is supported on the part of i.safe MOBILE by the innovative power of its worldwide expertise in the Ex-sector across all industries, while ICS contributes the know-how of an internationally project-experienced system integrator with its own software development and global full-service expertise.

In addition to their high-performance mobile devices for the ex-industrial sector, customers thus receive seamless real-time data management, individual expert consulting, customised network infrastructures, IoT technologies, software applications and labeling solutions from a single source. In addition, users benefit from freely scalable managed services throughout the entire life cycle of the solutions deployed. These range from staging & deployment of IT infrastructures, global service desk and remote management to field service and in-house repair.

Jan Rieks Zonderman, Head of Sales at i.safe MOBILE comments the new partnership: “Partnering with ICS now gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the right ICS software solutions and managed services for all digital business processes along the supply chain as a complete package together with our range of explosion-proof devices."

Rainer Preißendörfer, authorised signatory and sales manager at ICS, is looking forward to the added value that the new partnership with i.safe MOBILE will open up: "ICS customers have been relying on our hardware, software and services for many years, with which we guarantee highly available processes. The end devices from i.safe MOBILE complement our product portfolio for highly sensitive industrial environments and, depending on customer needs, are the perfect alternative for mobile, ergonomic working."