The IS330.1 is currently the most powerful feature phone with international Ex approval (ATEX, IECEx, NEC) for highly sensitive environmental conditions (zone 1/21). The mobile device can be used for everything from pure communication up to push-to-talk and sole operator protection, while meeting the high performance and communication requirements for use in automation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Equipped with Bluetooth® 5, the IS330.1 enables interference-free wireless communication as well as the connection of various IoT end devices over long ranges at high transmission rates. Via the functional 13-pin ISM interface, approved headsets, cameras, passive remote speaker microphones (RSM) or other equipment for use in hazardous environments can be connected.

The high-quality, rugged plastic housing is certified to IP68 and the military standard MIL-STD-810G, making it waterproof (up to 1 hour at a water depth of up to 2 meters) and dustproof as well as protected against shock and vibration.

Another special feature is the future support of MCPTT (Mission Critical Push To Talk), making it ideally suited for use as a "walkie-talkie" in 4G/LTE networks. The MCPTT functionality is a requirement for the use of the device by e.g. police, fire brigade or EMS, where a secure, highly available digital voice radio connection is essential.

Perfect for securing and carrying: the MOBILE lanyard set

More safety and simplified handling in daily work, keeping the devices safely in your hand or around your neck: the new 3-piece lanyard set for the various MOBILE devices.

The set consists of the system adapter as well as the tear-resistant, length-adjustable lanyard and the hand strap. The hand strap and the lanyard can be easily detached from the system adapter and reattached by means of a pressure lock. The antistatic strap prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge and ignition of the explosive atmosphere. In addition, the lanyard is equipped with a safety lock at the neck, which opens as soon as it is pulled.

The lanyard set is compatible with the following device series: IS320.1, IS330.x, IS530.x, IS930.x, IS725.2, IS-MP.x and IS-RSM1.1. Furthermore, the lanyard can be attached to the D-ring of the leather case and is therefore additionally usable for the device models of the IS520 series and IS655 series.

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