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We offer services in the complete field of development of mobile devices for use in explosion hazardous areas, worldwide. We can assist you from the idea to the production and more.

OEM Product Development

We can support you in the development of devices that are later marketed under your own brand.

Certification Support

We can assist you in the whole certification process for devices for the use in explosion hazardous areas according to the EU directive 2014/34/EU, IECEx, NEC500/505 and other country-specific norms and directives.

Certificate Ownership (Risk Transfer)

We offer the possibility to transfer the certificates, and with this the risks associated with the use of the devices to us.

Production Audits / Process Implementation

We offer auditing during production of your devices, worldwide, as well as support or supervision of the production during process implementation.

Product Qualification

Permanent supervision of the compliance of the finished products with the specifics required for safe use in explosive hazardous areas.

Production Supervision

Permanent supervision on site during the production of explosion protected devices.

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