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Perfect for securing and carrying: the lanyard/handstrap set

More safety and simplified handling in daily work, keeping the devices safely in your hand or around your neck: the new 3-piece lanyard/handstrap set for the various MOBILE devices.

The set consists of the system adapter as well as the tear-resistant, length-adjustable lanyard and the hand strap. The hand strap and the lanyard can be easily detached from the system adapter and reattached by means of a pressure lock. The antistatic strap prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge and ignition of the explosive atmosphere. In addition, the lanyard is equipped with a safety lock at the neck, which opens as soon as it is pulled.

The lanyard/handstrap set is compatible with the following device series: IS320.1, IS330.x, IS530.x, IS725.2, IS-MP.x and IS-RSM1.1. Furthermore, the lanyard can be attached to the D-ring of the leather case and is therefore additionally usable for the device models of the IS520 series and IS655 series.

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