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Durable yet flexible: 4-point harness system for IS910.x and IS930.x

The 4-point harness system provides safety and above all support when working in the Ex-area. The main material used is Cordura® (nylon fabric), which is impregnated with Teflon on the outside to make it particularly dirt-repellent, and is waterproof with a PVC coating on the back. This is, just like the used webbing, antistatically equipped and thus prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge and ignition of explosive atmospheres.

The carrying strap system ensures safe carrying in front of the body and consists of an ergonomic back harness with extra large contact areas on the shoulders. The strap adjustment options allow the working height and angle of inclination to be adjusted as required.

The 4-point harness system is compatible with the IS910 & IS930 series and in combination with the new leather case. Furthermore, the carrying strap system can be attached to the leather protective bag with snap fasteners.

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