SAFE AND FAST WITH ANDROID MOBILE bundle of high-performance scanner IS-TH1 and industrial smartphone IS530.x guarantees secure and fast scanning with direct data processing

Active, unsecured handhelds represent a high security risk for countless companies due to expired security updates for Windows Embedded.

The risk of malware attacks and zero-day exploits (i.e. exploiting the existing vulnerability and penetrating computer systems) have increased dramatically in recent years due to the large number of devices used in companies and remotely.

The Android Enterprise Recommended mobile devices from MOBILE receive regular security updates and patches, making them ideal for mobile corporate use - even in remote operation.

The new Android-based bundle solution of high-performance scanner and industrial smartphone for ex-use enables MOBILE customers to reliably and quickly capture data via the IS-TH1 and process it immediately with the IS530.x.

Using Zebra's market-leading OEM imager scan engines, the fast IS-TH1 captures 1D and 2D barcodes at close range up to 6 metres (IS-TH1MR.1 version) and even up to a distance of more than 15 metres (IS-TH1ER.1 version). The Trigger Handle is connected to the smartphone through a 13-pin interface. The high-performance smartphone processes the data generated by the scanner at top speed. The handheld barcode scanner connected to the smartphone requires neither Bluetooth nor a separate battery. The device bundle is available for Ex zones 1, 2, mining and industrial areas.

The changeover from Windows-Embedded-based handhelds to MOBILE devices is possible without any problems. Our sales team would be pleased to advise you!