This year i.safe MOBILE celebrates its 10th anniversary. In times of Industry 4.0 and IoT, more than 1700 customers, including Fortune 500 companies, rely on the promising products and customized software and service solutions ...

With currently 55 employees at two locations, sales partners in 72 countries and a global service network, the company has recorded strong annual sales growth since its foundation in 2011. The owner-managed GmbH, based in Lauda-Königshofen (Germany), has set itself the goal of becoming the global market leader for communication solutions in the Ex area by 2030.

Review – 10 years i.safe MOBILE
i.safe MOBILE GmbH was founded in September 2011. From beginning, the innovative development, approval and marketing of mobile communication devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablet PCs for the Ex area was top priority. The company headquarters, situated strategically central in Lauda-Königshofen, quickly grew into the R&D, marketing and sales center of the company. Through a long-standing, trusting joint venture with a well-known Chinese manufacturer, the devices are produced in Shenzhen/China in the highest quality and distributed worldwide via 72 partners. In July 2020, a branch office with service center was opened in Singapore, adding an important location to the global service network. Further expansion is planned, and a service center in Russia will start operations this year.

Management, company philosophy and vision
i.safe MOBILE is managed by the managing partners Dirk Amann (CTO), Ludwig Fleckenstein (CFO) and Martin Haaf (CEO), who embody the company's philosophy: Willingness to innovate, highest quality standards, appreciative teamwork, organic sales growth and strong customer and service orientation. "Innovation is our passion," says Martin Haaf, co-founder and CEO of i.safe MOBILE. "As a global innovation driver for communication solutions in the Ex market, we ourselves, as well as our customers, have extremely high quality standards for our products and services. We work closely with renowned laboratories, test centers and industry experts and are members of ATEX working groups. This enables us to offer our customers safe, reliable, high-quality and sustainable communication devices and solutions - at an attractive price. Our goal is to become the global market leader of mobile, intrinsically safe communication devices and solutions by 2030." CTO Dirk Amann adds, "We have quickly focused our product development on the important areas of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things and are proud to be one of the leading providers of mobile devices in the Ex area and to support our customers in digitalization in the best possible way." "As an independent, owner-managed medium-sized company, we have a stable and crisis-proof position. Thanks to our clearly defined corporate strategy in recent years, we have grown profitably on a sustainable basis. We expect continued strong results and rising revenues in this emerging market segment in the coming years" comments i.safe MOBILE CFO Ludwig Fleckenstein.