Coming soon: new IS170.2

The IS170.2 is a robust mobile phone for zone 2/22. Equipped with basic functions for daily use, the focus is on phone calling and messaging. Other advantages include long battery life and the LED flashlight.

The 2,4-inch capacitive display (240 x 320 pixel) is present on this phone that is powered by proprietary operating system and 8 GB internal memory. It has an IP68 rating along with MIL-STD 810G certification.
Get more information MOBILE devices of series IS330.x, IS530.x, IS655.x and IS930.x are now part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program

We are proud to announce that our MOBILE devices are now verified by the Android Enterprise Recommended program for rugged devices, a Google-led program that raises the bar of excellence for devices and services, built to handle demanding workloads over a longer life cycle. We deliver a consistent set of features verified by Google™ with an elevated device baseline, increased security standards and enterprise-focused features and behaviors to meet your needs.

Read the statement of MOBILE CEO Martin Haaf.

Partnership in Mobile Device Management between Scalefusion and MOBILE

With this partnership and integration with Scalefusion, MOBILE customers can now maximize remote device management capabilities, including remote cast and control to mirror device screens for troubleshooting, take control, and resolve issues with ease. Furthermore, the tight integration with Scalefusion enables the support teams to extend step-by-step troubleshooting instructions over VoIP calls, sync files and seamlessly create context-aware support tickets. This process abates the complexity of troubleshooting on-field devices and helps in effectively slashing device downtime.

Along with Remote Troubleshooting, Scalefusion will aid MOBILE customers in personalizing the UI of their device screens, resonate client branding and streamlining automated compliance and security checks to keep device sanity in check.

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