Remote Speaker Microphone IS-RSM2.1 for fast, uncomplicated communication

The Remote Speaker Microphone IS-RSM2.1 in combination with the MOBILE devices IS330.x- and IS530.x offers a robust, reliable push-to-talk-over-cellular solution for working in hazardous areas. Equipped with full duplex audio, the IS-RSM2.1 supports both PTT and traditional voice calls.

Via the 13-pin ISM interface, the high-quality audio product is connected, secured and powered by the MOBILE devices. The device has a splash-proof housing (IP54), a large PTT button, a 3-step volume control and a headset jack.

"We are pleased to introduce IS-RSM2.1, a remote speaker microphone that is specially tailored to our mobile communication devices," explains Martin Haaf, CEO MOBILE GmbH. "The IS-RSM2.1 is the ideal complement to our MOBILE devices IS330.x- and IS530.x for our customers who depend on fast, uncomplicated communication in their daily work process," adds Haaf.

Supplementary certifications for Brazil, Korea & Japan and Mining Australia/New Zealand

The MOBILE communication devices IS330.x, IS530.x, IS930.x and IS655.x have received new, additional certifications, thus expanding the MOBILE devices' worldwide application possibilities. Besides the ATEX, IECEx and NEC500 certifications, the intrinsically safe MOBILE mobile phones, smartphones and tablets meet the explosion protection guidelines of almost all relevant markets worldwide. In addition, the products have country-specific certifications for Brazil (INMETRO), Korea (KCs) and Japan (JNIOSH).

Furthermore, there is good news for the mining industry: the MOBILE communication devices have been extended by the product range in device group I (mining sector). The smartphone IS530.M1 and the tablet IS930.M1 have been awarded Ma certification for the European market (ATEX, IECEx), South Africa (SANS) and now also for Australia/New Zealand (ANZEx). The devices are available from now on at our sales department and through our partners.

Dirk Amann, CTO MOBILE: "With the Mining certification we have reached a new level in the approval area and are proud that the IS530.M1 & IS930.M1 meet the tough mechanical requirements without additional protective elements".

Smartphone IS530.M1:

Tablet IS930.M1:

Docking station DS930.1 for the tablet series IS930.x

The DS930.1 docking station is the perfect addition to the MOBILE tablets of the IS930 series: charge with the Dockingstation DS930.1 and connect additional devices. With the Gigabit network connection (RJ45 Ethernet) the tablets can be quickly integrated into the local network. This ensures uncomplicated access to large amounts of data. In addition, there are three USB ports on the back, which allow a variety of devices such as mouse, keyboard, USB data stick to be connected to make work even more efficient. Furthermore, the docking station is characterized by a high stability and slip resistance. MOBILE GmbH
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